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  • Welcome Dr. Pereira!

    We are excited to introduce Dr. Pereira!

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  • Housecalls by Appointment

    We offer a house call service! Give us a call for more information. 603-448-2611

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    Stonecliff Animal Clinic of Lebanon, NH
  • SACNH is Cat Friendly

    We pride ourselves on making your cat’s visit as stress free as possible. From calming pheromones to soft fleece, dedicated exam room and waiting area. We love cats!

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  • ACL Tear in Dr. Kelly’s Pup

    Follow the Kelly family as they make decisions about their 1yr old Labradors ACL strain.

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  • PennHip Available at SACNH

    PennHip is available at SACNH. Are you looking for certification for your dog’s hips? Find out more about PennHip at

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    SAC PennHipp
  • ACL Repair: Ruby Technique

    Dr. Dan Kelly is now performing the Ruby Technique at SACNH. TPLO, Lateral Suture, and now Ruby as another option for fixing your friends injury to the knee. Give us a call for more information.

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    TPLO, ACL, Lebanon, NH, veterinarian
  • We See Exotics!

    Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, Ferrets, Turtles, even Hedgehogs!

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    SACNH, Lebanon, NH, Veterinarian, dog and cat vet
  • Healthy Pets Are Active Pets

    It is hard to keep moving when the cold wind is blowing and the couch is beckoning. We have products to stimulate your pets mind and body as well as low calorie treats!

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    Stonecliff Animal Clinic, Lebanon, NH.
  • TPLO Forum on Facebook

    Check out SACNH’s new Facebook page- TPLO Forum. I one stop place for questions, answers, advice for dogs with ACL issues. Local experts answer your questions.

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  • Oliver’s Bark About

    Oliver is barking about Xylitol, a deadly (for dogs) sugar substitute commonly found in many many products in your home, at

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    Stonecliff Animal Clinic of NH, Lebanon, NH

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