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Growing up in Enfield, NH, I’ve always had a love for animals and pictured working with them when I was older. I began riding horses at 9 years old, and got my first puppy for my 12th birthday. Buddy was a boxer and inspired my love for the breed. I attended Vermont Technical College for two years studying equine. I’ve owned many animals over the years, taking a special interest in the unique and unusual. I’ve owned a chinchilla, a hedgehog, many fish, and even a mini pig! I currently own two boxers (Killian and Ember), two ferrets (Splash and Farrah), a cat (Luke), a hamster (Chip), and an English bulldog puppy (Bruno). I’m hoping to pass on my passion for animals to my 2.5year old son James! It’s been a pleasure joining the Stonecliff family and I’m so thankful to be part of such a knowledgable and dedicated team who puts their heart into every client and case! I can’t imagine being anywhere else!