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Sara, CVT


Growing up, my family always had pets, and a wide variety of them, including a pair of ducks, a salamander, and a very sassy lorikeet in addition to our dogs and cats. But it wasn’t until we took in a scarred cat named Tigger, affectionately called “Mooshka,” that I learned what kind of positive impact I could have on an animal’s life. I slowly won Mooshka’s love with dedication and positive conditioning, and from there I was hooked. Through high school, I volunteered at animal shelters, but it wasn’t until I started a job grooming that I really considered making caring for animals into a solid career. I went on to graduate from VTC with an Associates in Veterinary Technology, earning my CVT shortly thereafter. Mooshka inspired my interest in behavior, and I hope to one day specialize in it. I have two rescued cats, Cricket and Pepper, who I love to spoil, and in my spare time, I like to write, read, bake, and attempt to garden on my apartment porch. Joining Stonecliff has been amazing for their dedication to staff, clients, and pets, and truly feels like joining a caring family.