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Senior Pets

Did you know that the average dog and cat is considered a “Senior Citizen” somewhere between the ages of eight and ten? Many factors affect how fast your pet will age, large breeds typically faster then smaller breeds, hereditary factors related to certain breeds, diet, exercise level, etc. Due to advances in human and veterinary medicine, we along with our pets have a great opportunity to live longer, healthier lives.

But prevention is the key. The sooner a condition such as heart disease is discovered, the better chance it can be treated before irreversible damage has already occurred. People tend to be complainers when there not feeling well whereas we must rely on keen observation and diagnostic testing in order to discover early, many of our pets ailments.

Small dogs
9-13 years
Medium dogs
9-11.5 years
Large dogs
(51-90 lbs.)
7.5-10.5 years
Giant dogs
6-9 years
Most cats 8-10 years
Rabbits 3 years
Ferrets 2 years

Join our partnership for better health! Let us give your senior pet the greatest chance to live a long, healthy life. Ask your doctor about our program, and what other services the clinic has to offer your senior pet.