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Forever Friends Crematory Service


Stonecliff Animal Clinic is proud to offer the Upper Valley of New Hampshire and Vermont pet cremation services. Locally owned, Forever Friends is operated by trusted Stonecliff staff right here in Lebanon, New Hampshire. We stand behind a strict code of ethics governing how your pet is handled during the whole aftercare process. It doesn’t matter if your pet is being cremated communally or as a private service, all pets are treated with pride and dignity. You don’t have to be part of the Stonecliff Animal Clinic family to utilize our services for your pet. Many other veterinary clinics in the area already entrust our services for their patients.

Communal: Your pet is gently placed in the cremation chamber with other loved and cherished pets. Ashes are not returned to the owner, instead the ashes are collected and spread in a very special natural area the owners have provided.

Private: Individual cremation means that your pet is cremated alone and the ashes are recovered and given to you as a lasting keepsake. Ashes can be returned to your veterinary hospital or arranged for pick up at Stonecliff. All remains are returned in a pretty wooden box. Urns are available when requested or we can use your own container if you wish.

We can also pickup your pet for aftercare at your home. Just call 603-448-2611 to make arrangements.