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Dental Health

February is National Pet Dental Month

It is that time again and SAC is celebrating National Pet Dental Month with 5% cash back on all dental services and supplies, free take home care items, free dental exams! Call today 603-448-2611.


During the month of February, Stonecliff Animal Clinic of New Hampshire will be performing free dental exams and giving discounts throughout the month on dental procedures! Stop in and have your pet’s mouth evaluated for tartar buildup and overall health. Learn how you can maintain proper dental health right in the comfort of your own home.

fx-tooth-300x199Did you know that thunderstorm phobia could be related to an injured tooth? It may be a coincidence, but a large number of dogs that have had thunderstorm fright have recovered from the fear after a dental procedure was performed and discovered that the patient had a broken tooth!

Oral health maintenance starts from day one. We recommend that owners get their puppies and kittens use to having their mouth’s examined early in their lives. This helps make our job a little easier. Each year when your pet comes in for a physical exam, the doctor will examine the teeth for signs of injury or decay. Periodically pets need dental cleanings to remove built up tarter or an injured tooth. Stonecliff Animal Clinic of New Hampshire works closely with Small Animal Veterinary Emergency Services to  provide all the dental care services your pet may need from ultrasonically cleaning and polishing, to extractions and diet recommendations. We also carry a full line of oral hygiene items to help the owner at home prevent early tooth loss.

These great videos will give you the confidence to start your pet on the road to a healthy mouth!

How To Brush Your Cats Teeth:


How To Brush Your Dogs Teeth: