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Feb 24 2015

We have moved

Our brand new facility located at 227 Mechanic Street in Lebanon, NH. is open and ready to accept regular and new patients!

We have designed this hospital with you and your pet in mind. Comfortable waiting areas for dogs and cats (separated to make everyone more relaxed). Refreshments area for that quick cup of tea or coffee you just haven’t found time for yet today! Dog and cat treats, comfortable seats and the same great staff you have come to love.

We will be introducing “cat-only” appointment blocks to help ease the mind of the feline population along with aromatherapy and a “cat-only” exam room!

Our dog exam rooms have been designed to accommodate all sizes and shapes. For those large dogs that just can’t imagine not being examined on the table (you know your out there) we have created a walkway to help you attain your superior place on  your throne. For those that want to stay on the ground our rooms are spacious and will put your mind at ease.

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