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Sep 21 2018

The Reactive Dog Workshop

The Reactive Dog Workshop is a 4-5-hour workshop whose sole purpose is to teach the Click to Calm methodology in one session so that the owners of overly stimulated dogs can start practicing the methodology with their dogs in previously challenging environments.

The solution is threefold: first, to teach the dog a reliable default behavior, second, to teach the dog that the presence of the stimulus (“object of interest”) is the cue to look at them, and third, to insert an alternate or incompatible behavior. In this way, the handler does not have to distract the dog, nor keep the dog “busy” when faced with these risky situations.
Foundation behaviors and emergency protocols will also be discussed.

Because of the small size, individual attention is given to each working dog team. Auditors are limited to 20.”

Emma Parsons KPA CTP, APDT, CDBC will be hosting a 4-5 hour seminar on working with reactive dogs.  In this seminar, Emma will be explaining and demonstrating her Click To Calm methodology.  Emma will give you the skills in order to help your dog focus in distracting situations. Emma has been training for over 20 years and specializes in managing and rehabilitating the reactive and aggressive dog.  Dog/handler spaces are limited to just 5 groups to ensure induvial attention to each team.  There will be 20 auditor(no dog) spots available.  Lunch is included in the registration fee.

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