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Mar 22 2017

Acorns and Lyme Disease?

In 2015 there was an enormous crop of acorns falling from the trees! Why do you care? Because the huge numbers of acorns created an interesting and scary phenomena. White-footed mice rely on acorns for survival. They gorge and store and in 2015 it was a acorn gathering fiesta. Because of the huge influx of food, they were able to stay in their little homes thus avoiding predators and the enhanced calories helped them start their breeding season early. So now in August of 2015 we have a larger then normal population of mice, just when the tick eggs are hatching. White-footed mice are prime hosts for developing ticks at this stage, and the higher number will ensure the survival of these immature ticks. Ticks will mature and two years later (2017) they will be on the hunt for their final, larger host. Guess who that would be? uggggg. Be prepared to protect your pets this year, especially during the most active tick months of spring and fall. To read more about the relationship of acorns and lyme visit

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