Stonecliff staff members are required to attend continuing education seminars every year to stay up-to-date with the ever-changing veterinary field. We practice with our hearts and our minds, and all patients are treated with respect and gentleness. We frequently have veterinary specialists visit the clinic to provide additional services. When necessary, we are never reluctant to ask for second opinions, and we all work towards the ultimate goal of providing your pet with the highest quality of life. When you visit Stonecliff Animal Clinic NH, you are treated like one of our family, and your satisfaction is always guaranteed.



  • Alex, CVT

    Animals have always meant the world to me. I have been in the dog care industry for over 5…
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     It was clear from a young age when I would…
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    My name is Kate and I graduated from Vet Tech Institue in Pittsburgh, PA with an…
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    Growing up, my family always had pets, and a wide variety of them, including a pair of…
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    Client Care/Animal Assistants

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    I have always had a love for animals. There has not been a moment in my life where I have…
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    There has never been a time in my life that did not involve animals. I grew up in the…
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    Growing up in Enfield, NH, I’ve always had a love for animals and pictured working with…

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    Chief playtime organizer…
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    Chief Host, heartthrob, and all-around great guy…